Italian soloist Markus Placci proved to be a master of the violin

"Once again, this evening as well, the best moment was kept for the end. The way Italian violinist Markus Placci played the Brahms Violin Concerto was simply master like."

 "This very demanding Concerto cannot be played better." 

"Placci showed extreme accuracy, not only in the technical aspects, but also in the way he structured the movement, in the dynamic shades, and, above all, in his fabulous, singing-like, romantic tone." 

"A passionate ending of the evening that burst into deserved, and particularly long applause for the soloist.”

 (Badische Neuste Nachrichten)

"Magnificent personality the one of Markus Placci […]. He was able to “tell” Bach with great simplicity, with a delightful and lively Fugue, full of audacity and "discoveries".

"Everything was conveyed by a superb energy, a total command and an extremely convincing taste".

(La Libre Belgique)
Great Sensitivity for Cervello' Violin Concerto

"The ductility of violinist Markus Placci, who displays a refined sound and great command, conveyed the extremely emotional content of the work…"

(La Vanguardia, Madrid)

Italian violinist Markus Placci offered pure pleasure

"…for an absolute climax of the evening, the young Italian offered the Sonata p. 78 by Brahms […]."

"He doesn’t only display technical command, but he also has the capacity of understanding the music and its content with the required sensitivity."

"Placci found exactly the sound that one can wish for Brahms."

 (Badische Neueste Nachrichten, Baden-Baden)